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Board Rules
The aim of this board is to provide a welcoming forum for Blues fans around the world to discuss matters relating to the club as well any other general topics of interest(within reason). However, as with any message board and in order for it to run smoothly, there are certain rules which need to be adhered to. By registering for the board you agree to abide by the rules which are detailed below.

Please remember, using this board is a privilege, not a right, and members who do not follow the rules may find that their posting rights are removed, either temporarily or permanently, at the discretion of the admin team.

If someone breaks a rule, then please do not quote their post as this makes it more difficult for it to be removed. Instead, use the Report button.

Forum Rules
Forum Rules
1. Aggressive, vulgar, sexist, or racist posts and the posting of inappropriate links and content are not allowed.

2. Libelous accusations - Unfounded accusations of a harmful nature on chat forums can and have been taken up in a court of law. The site administrator can be required to access user details and posts and pass them on to the relevant authorities.

3. Multiple usernames - Multiple profiles are not permitted. In order to change your contact email or user name go to 'Preferences'.

4. Text speak and capitals - Please do not use text speak, as many users find it irritating. . The same applies to posting in capitals, as this is considered the online version of shouting.

5. Match tickets - No match tickets can be advertised or requested for sale on this board. If a ticket is re-sold or transferred without the previous written consent of Birmingham City Football Club, it will become void and the holder may be refused entry to or ejected from the stadium. Please contact the Club Ticket Office for further information.

6. Illegal downloads - Please do not use the forum to advertise or promote illegal downloading, this includes requests for links for and to software, music and serial numbers.

7. Images / graphics - Avatars and signatures must not exceed 100kb or be larger than 330 x 110 (you are allowed one image only in your signature). Please note we do not allow flashing pictures, this is to protect people that suffer with photo sensitive epilepsy.

8. Petitions - The posting of petitions is not permitted on this forum without prior agreement of the administrators of this forum.

The decision of the admin team in all matters relating to the rules is final

Finally, a special message to supporters of other clubs.

All football fans are welcome to use the site and this does include non-Blues supporters. However, opposition fans have to respect this is primarily a site for Blues fans and should be extra careful to be respectful of that fact. Those that are thought to be intent on causing trouble will be permanently removed with immediately effect.
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